100% Hurricane proof.  Throw your umbrella away.  Folds up and fits inside any purse.  High tech 100% WATERPROOF rain coat.  Double zip collar for easy inside access during a downpour.  Lined with large protective hood. Rubber zip closures for protecting your valuables during the Hurricane. Extra 1 inch length on sleeves for protection.

There is no 100% water proof raincoat that would ever compare for a fashion look than SABRINA.

Care instructions: Hand wash, Dry clean or Machine wash. 

Machine wash:  We recommend if you are machine washing our product to enclose the jacket or coat in a pillow case, tie a knot in the pillow case and wash on delicate cycle.   Afterwards, keeping the item in the knotted pillow case, tumble dry.

Size chart   XS- 0-2    S- 2-4   M- 6-8   L- 10-12   XL- 12-14   DEPENDING ON bust size could go up one size.

Please NOTE:  All products are shipped by UPS and therefore we can not ship to a PO box. 

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